Here are four great reasons why you should purchase a home warranty.

What is a home warranty, and why should you buy one? Essentially, home warranties help you protect your property. Things get worn down, and even if the initial home inspection says everything is fine, you don’t know how soon something will break. I’ll share four reasons why you should invest in a home warranty:

1. Budget protection. A home warranty costs about $500 per year, and, excluding service fees, that’s all you’ll spend. For example, let’s say the furnace stops working. The warranty company will send a technician out to discover and fix the problem. The cost of those repairs is covered, so you only pay the $75 service call fee. 

2. Anticipating expenses. Without a home warranty, any appliance that breaks comes out of your pocket. You’ll pay $3,500 to fix the furnace in addition to those service fees. With a warranty, every mechanical system in the home is covered, like your washer and dryer, air conditioner, stove, blocked plumbing, or any electrical issues where something suddenly stops working. You can anticipate those costs rather than have large unexpected expenses. 

“It’s just good protection.”

3. Additional future protection. A service technician will fix what’s currently broken, but they will also tell you what needs to be repaired or replaced in the future. By taking care of it now, you’ll save yourself any headaches down the road, and it will only cost that mentioned service fee.

4. Time management. When something breaks in your home, you can call your home warranty company, and they’ll find and schedule a technician for you. You don’t have to try finding someone on your own by calling multiple places until someone answers or gives you a good quote. The warranty company takes care of everything. 

These are four terrific reasons you should consider buying a home warranty. It’s just good protection. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact me. I’m happy to help.